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OPIS marks out-of-product if a rack supplier’s product is confirmed unavailable for more than 24 hours. Postings which meet this criteria will be designated out-of-product with an “o” next to the listing, and these numbers will not be part of the OPIS lows, highs or averages. Shows all terminals at a given location for every supplier by product. The costs of handling traffic, including both direct costs and indirect costs , but excluding interest expenses. The difference between total movements into and total movements out of each PADD by pipeline, tanker, and barge.

  • This report compiles changes in domestic petroleum production, imports, refining, capacity and product movements into and out of primary storage.
  • A mixture of petroleum products occurring when batches of different products are shipped consecutively through a pipeline.
  • On the NYMEX, this falls on the last business day of the month for products and the third business day prior to the 25th on crude.
  • West is able to provide concise and responsible support on a timely basis due to our history of concentrating only in the Heavy Industrial Sector.
  • Companies that refine, import or blend fossil fuels are obligated to meet certain individual RFS quotas based on the volume of fuel they introduce into the market.
  • A call option for 60cts/gal oil in a 58cts/gal market that is trading at a premium of 2cts/gal would represent a case where the entire premium is attributable to time value.

Lease condensate recovered as a liquid from natural gas wells in lease or field separation facilities and later mixed into the crude stream is also included. The refining process of breaking down via heat and pressure the larger, heavier and more complex hydrocarbon molecules into simpler and lighter molecules, primarily gasoline.

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western refining adp

Market requirements that remain fairly constant over a period of time that usually are not temperature sensitive. Gas in a storage reservoir which provides the pressure necessary for designed withdrawals of working gas. The reduction of capacity for unscheduled downtime due to such conditions as mechanical problems, repairs, and slowdowns.

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Large volume transactions bought or sold for a stipulated delivery in the near future. Gulf Coast barrels can also move into the Midwest via the TEPPCO Enterprise Pipeline. Furnace oil in Canada is the equivalent of our high-sulfur, off-road, or home heating oil. Terms of a transaction where the seller agrees to make the product available within an agreed-upon time period at a given location.

western refining adp

A thermal cracking process utilizing the fluidized-solids technique to remove carbon for continuous conversion of heavy, lowgrade oils into lighter products. EFP’s would allow for a delivery of physical product that doesn’t necessarily conform to NYMEX specifications . Terms can vary across a broad spectrum including location, time, and product specifications. A division of the Department of Energy that compiles data on petroleum supply and demand on a weekly and monthly basis. These figures are not as timely as API statistics, but are considered more accurate. The ultimate consumer of petroleum products; most commonly used in connection with large industrial or utility consumers. Detailed estimates of rack replacement costs using spot prices and including pipeline tariff costs, shrinkage fees, proprietary additive fees plus other miscellaneous costs.

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The Refining segment refines crude oil and other feed stocks into transportation fuels, such as gasoline, gasoline blend stocks, jet fuel, and diesel fuel, as well… All finished products within the naphtha boiling range that are used as paint thinners, cleaners, or solvents. Special naphthas include all commercial hexane and cleaning solvents conforming to ASTM Specification D1836 and D484, respectively. Naphthas to be blended or marketed as motor gasoline or aviation gasoline, or that are to be used as petrochemical and synthetic natural gas feedstocks are excluded.

This dataset includes 2.5 million business entities (corporations, LLCs, etc.) registered with Washington State Secretary of State. The WA Secretary of State is Washington’s central filing office for corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies and business trusts. A general classification for the heavier oils, known as No. 5 and No. 6 fuel oils, that remain after the distillate fuel oils and western refining adp lighter hydrocarbons are distilled away in refinery operations. It is used in steam-powered vessels in government service and inshore power plants. No. 6 fuel oil includes Bunker C fuel oil and is used for the production of electric power, space heating, vessel bunkering, and various industrial purposes. Hydrocarbons characterized by their uniform carbon ring structure and their often pleasant aroma.